Become a partner


Régine Roubaud
Administratrice de l'eac.

The eac. development a policy of diversified partnership

To be a partner of the eac. enhances the image of your company in the region and the opportunity to forge new relationships and networks.


The benefits of being partners of eac. :

The visibility of your support on our communication tools

• On communication tools print: cardboard, programme, tour assistance document, poster, press inserts, press relations tools (press release and press kit)

• On signage of the two exhibition sepaces and kakemono

• On digital communication tools (on eac’s website, newsletter and Facebook page.)


A privileged welcome at the eac.

• Invitations to openings and dinners exhibitions of the eac.

• Organization of educational workshops for your employees and their children (birthdays, holidays)

• Organisation of private tours of the exhibitions and the collectionneur

• Pass to exhibitions and collection

• Newsletter and provision of information and visuals on eac. and its events for your communication

• Privatization at a preferential rate


Tax benefits

Sponsorship is a tax scheme, introduced by the Act of August 1st 2003, which provides economic actors with the opportunity to support and participate in the activities of the arts and culture sector on favourable terms.

Within a limit of 0,5% of the turnover, the patronage is entitled to a 60% tax reduction but also to a 25% share of the donation.


Le Cercle des amis de l’eac.


• To support and promote the spread of the Espace de l’Art Concret and contribute to its development,

• Participate in the life of the art centre by supporting artistic, cultural and educational activities,

• Contribute to the presentation of the collection Albers-Honegger donation

• Create a network of friends of art around the general programming of the eac.

• Offer artistic and cultural outings.

Cercle des amis de l'eac. / plus d'infos