25 June • 29 October 2023

Preview Saturday 24 June at 6 pm


Curator: Fabienne Grasser-Fulchéri, assisted by Alexandra Deslys


Exposition réalisée avec le soutien du

Crédit Mutuel Mouans-Sartoux


Les oeuvres présentées de l'artiste Flore Saunois ont été réalisées avec le soutien de

INSEAMM-Beaux-Arts de Marseille

DRAC PACA, dispositif « Le Printemps du Printemps »


media's partnership


Beaux-Arts Magazine

Radio Vinci Autoroute

La Strada Magazine


Artists : Dove Allouche, Marc Chevalier, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Sarah Illouz & Marius Escande, Angelika Markul, Vincent Malassis, Flore Saunois, Eulalia De Valdenebro

For eac. and all its staff, awareness of environmental issues increased significantly when the Arts Centre launched its ecological transition in 2021, and to build on this it has produced a strategy and an action plan to rethink the way it operates and to take account of sustainable development criteria.

From the simplest to the most complex action, much is being done - for example, recycling of used, everyday products, waste sorting wherever possible, re-use of materials and exhibition eco-design.

As well as all this, it seemed essential that these fundamental issues are placed at the core of the Art Centre’s artistic project given that its purpose and missions are to engage with artists and the public.

This programme supports these considerations by giving a voice to artists who ask questions about environmental concerns.

The exhibition reveals how certain artists encourage us to shift our point of view on the environment in order to change our impact on biodiversity, to promote its restoration and to ensure ecosystems are valued.

Going beyond an approach which might at first appear restrictive or moralising, what is most important here is that - in the words of Alice Auduin* - we never stop "thinking culture", by thinking long term and by approaching these issues philosophically and politically, rather than simply materially.

* Alice Auduin is chairperson and founder of Art of Change 21 and co-founder of COAL