Practices informations: 
The two bookshop spaces are open during the opening hours of the art center.

Stéphanie Grillo,
in charge of the bookshop

Methods of payment accepted are
• bchecks
• by cash
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credit card

Two bookshop spaces offer a wide selection of books and journals of contemporary art, architecture, design, contemporary dance, essays on art, artist monographs from the Albers-Honegger collection.

On the occasion of each temporary exhibition, a selection of books is proposed.

Limited and multiple editions of artists as well as objects of decorative design, mobiles, jewels of young designers and products derived from the eac. are available.


The editions of the eac.

The eac. has been developing an editorial policy since its creation by regularly publishing exhibition catalogs. List of publications and reference works on the Espace de l'Art Concret and Gottfried Honegger.



The bookkshop of the eac. also offers a wide selection of youth books, artists' books, games and educational tools that invite children and young people to sharpen their eyes and their creativity.


Le Jeu du Viseur

In 1993, Gottfried Honegger designed the Jeu du Viseur, an educational tool for "learning to watch". Composed of simple and colorful geometric shapes, this game gives an approach to geometric art. While entertaining, the child can, at will and at his own pace, travel from the real to the imaginary and deal with color, form, rhythm, balance or randomness.