Geometries of the Invisible

27 september • 03 january 2020

What is the invisible common thread linking geometry and abstraction across the ages and across cultures and forms of expression? 

Celebrating 30 Years at eac.!
Go back to the future

April 2021 • May 2022

To inaugurate a series of events to celebrate the art centre’s 30th anniversary, eac. is delighted to take part in a collection swap...

Celebrating 30 Years at eac.!
Espace libéré

April 2021

To mark the centre’s anniversary, an iconographic and graphic review is an absolute must!

Celebrating 30 Years at eac.!
Warja Lavater

25 September 2021

Warja Lavater was a Swiss artist who trained in design, graphic design, and typography, based on principles inherited from the Bauhaus...